StreamDeck Plugin for Keyboard Maestro integration

I’m a huge Keyboard Maestro fan, and I have been wanting to use the StreamDeck for integration with Keyboard Maestro. Elgato recently released their SDK for StreamDeck which makes this kind of integration possible. I know I can just use ‘buttons’ straight in KM, but a plugin will provide so much more flexibility.

StreamDeck from Elgato

I have created a Python plugin that allows you to specify a Keyboard Maestro Macro UUID in the properties inspector, and pressing the button will run the macro.

I have a lot of things on my todo list for this plugin, primarily to allow two-way communication with KM for status, icon updates, etc…

But for now, this is a good starting point.

NOTE: This is NOT a redistributable plugin as it requires a Python installation with specific packages, or a virtual environment. But it’s a great start for tinkerers.