New mac mini

The new mac mini has been released, and we’ve decided to go ahead and use it for a second frontend for the MythTV backend. Not that we’re big TV watchers, but having a second frontend upstairs gives us a chance to hole up upstairs when sick/etc… and watch the same programs as downstairs. We’ll see how streaming HD over 802.11n goes!

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  1. Streaming is sketchy from downstairs to upstairs. I got a dedicated Airport Extreme that operates in the 5GHz range and it’s much more reliable. I can stream HD, *but* if there is any interference I get hiccups. I’m thinking it might be best to figure out a way to get CAT-6 up there. On the mini’s ability to play HD. It’s flawless.

  2. Hey, thanks for the information! Great public service. And, that is good to hear since I am running cat6 with gb network from FE to BE as part of my remodel.

    My mockup includes a HD HomeRun + Pentium-D/Ubuntu 8.04 (32-bit) BE to a (borrowed) Macbook FE running MacOS with an old switch. I have aspirations of adding a Hauppage HD-PVR at some point.

    The BE is fine and < 10% CPU (appoaching 100% as a BE/FE) but the MythTV front end application running on a pre-build MacOS MythTV binary locks up and dies quite a bit on Mac. The Macbook is quite a lot like a MacMini so I have been worried.

    Are you running MacOS or Ubuntu?

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