NBC and ABC Network schedulers outsmart themselves

I was reviewing my MythTV Schedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) and noticed something strange. Usually, there is a conflict between Law & Order (NBC 9pm – 10:01pm) and Heist (ABC 10pm – 11pm) due to the infamous ‘Tivo Busting’ one minute shift in the schedules (the last minute of Law & Order overlaps the first minute of Heist). But on this night, there was no conflict. Why? Because Lost (ABC 9:00 – 10:01) is bumping Heist’s start time to 10:01pm. Classic. Was this a move by NBC to regain TiVo viewers for their 10pm timeslot? Will ABC retaliate by going to 10:02? Will CBS jump in the game and mess everything up? Or maybe, they will stop the silly games, and realize they are simply hurting their own industry with these childish antics.