Windows MCE, MythTV Smackdown…

O.K. Maybe I took liberties with the title, but Bruce Shankle does a side-by-side comparison between Windows MCE, and MythTV. It’s not a feature comparison, but rather an installation, ease-of-use, comparison. He does get a bit into what he considers his key feature (the ability to watch and rip a DVD) where MythTV is the clear winner. My favorite quote from the article:

I try again, same thing. It can’t play the DVD. After hours of Googling I learn that I have to buy a piece of software (a DVD decoder) that let’s Media Center play DVDs. I’m thinking ‘WTF? Media Center can’t play DVD’s out of the box?’

That’s right. If you want that feature you have pay for it.

Link:Bruce Shankle – Inside Out: Windows Media Center vs. MythTV (or Making my own PVR)