Announcing MythTV Tips

I’m introducing a new section of the site: MythTV Tips. I’m kicking off this blog after assembling several questions (both mine, and from others) about how to actually use MythTV. There are SOOOOO many features in MythTV, some documented well, and some.. not so much. I am going to use this site to publish my personal tips, tricks, tutorials for MythTV.

Feel free to comment with any questions you have, and I’ll do my best to answer.
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First up: MythTV’s new Edit Keys feature

Update: February 19, 2019

I’m no longer running my MythTV Tips blog. I need to consolidate down to one blog, and this is it.

Orb drops the ball with DVR Everywhere

Just caught this on PVR Wire:

Orb Networks has released their new DVR Everywhere software, allowing TiVo users to access content directly from their Series 2 box anywhere in the world over an Internet connection.

Not sure why the good folks over at PVR Wire say that this would work with "Presumably any other networked PVR", everything I see on the site says ‘TiVo only‘. It’s really a pity, because Orb had previously managed to stay away from any platform specific media sources. I see this as a step in the wrong direction for them.

StormLogic contributes some tidbits of code for MythTV

I just ran across this site: StormLogic, LLC’s MythTV Store – Contributed Code where there are a few bits of interesting code for MythTV.

The two I find the most interesting are DVB Fixer Scripts:

"DVB fixer scripts v1.1, used to automate the manual process of using an HD-3000 card with the DVB drivers"


", a wrapper for mplayer that remembers where you left off."

When much of my time watching transcoded HDTV shows was spent using mplayer instead of the internal player, I was always frustrated by the lack of a ‘bookmark’ capability in mplayer. The script is a nice workaround to that problem.

NBC and ABC Network schedulers outsmart themselves

I was reviewing my MythTV Schedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) and noticed something strange. Usually, there is a conflict between Law & Order (NBC 9pm – 10:01pm) and Heist (ABC 10pm – 11pm) due to the infamous ‘Tivo Busting’ one minute shift in the schedules (the last minute of Law & Order overlaps the first minute of Heist). But on this night, there was no conflict. Why? Because Lost (ABC 9:00 – 10:01) is bumping Heist’s start time to 10:01pm. Classic. Was this a move by NBC to regain TiVo viewers for their 10pm timeslot? Will ABC retaliate by going to 10:02? Will CBS jump in the game and mess everything up? Or maybe, they will stop the silly games, and realize they are simply hurting their own industry with these childish antics.

Windows MCE, MythTV Smackdown…

O.K. Maybe I took liberties with the title, but Bruce Shankle does a side-by-side comparison between Windows MCE, and MythTV. It’s not a feature comparison, but rather an installation, ease-of-use, comparison. He does get a bit into what he considers his key feature (the ability to watch and rip a DVD) where MythTV is the clear winner. My favorite quote from the article:

I try again, same thing. It can’t play the DVD. After hours of Googling I learn that I have to buy a piece of software (a DVD decoder) that let’s Media Center play DVDs. I’m thinking ‘WTF? Media Center can’t play DVD’s out of the box?’

That’s right. If you want that feature you have pay for it.

Link:Bruce Shankle – Inside Out: Windows Media Center vs. MythTV (or Making my own PVR)