Coming soon: The 8-terabyte desktop

I’d more consider this a media backend server than a desktop.. strange headline.  I think folks are finally getting it right with the disk space.  The initial estimated street price will be $8,000.  The smart buy would be to buy an empty system and fill it as you go.  My reasoning is that with the constantly dropping price of storage, you should always buy just what you need, when you need it.  Then by the time you are actually buying the last few disks to fill the 16 slots, you will be buying 2TB disks at $120.00 each…

From the article:

Depending on the standard and the compression, HD video can require anywhere from 11 to 410 gigabytes per hour of video. (1,000GB make up 1TB.)

A point of clarification is that broadcast HD will *never* be 410 GB/Hour.  That is a the requirement for completely uncompressed 10bit 1920x1080i 60fps 932Mbps video.  Trust me… that ain’t gonna happen.  More realworld numbers are from 6-9 GBytes/hour depending on 720p, 1080i.

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