Online TV Recorder

The online TV Recorder. You log in, program your show to record, then download the recorded show. This appears to be a community driven site based in Germany, along the same line as Rent My DVR

I’d love to see something like this come to the US, but there would have to be a few questions answered first:

  • What is the legal ramification?
  • What are the service limitations
  • What is the revenue model (if any)
  • What is the quality of the download

Thoughts? Feel free to comment

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Building your own Linux Media Center? Try MythTV first.

I was over at, and there was an article about building your own Linux Home Media Center. It makes me realize that there is a strong perception that MythTV is hard. And while it can be difficult/challenging, and yes… hard. It can also be used in a simple way as just a Media Center with no recording (no backend capabilities). I would strongly suggest anybody considering rolling their own media center give the MythTV route a shot first, because it’s such a short jump to wanting a full-fledged PVR, and MythTV is up to the task.

Good Luck folks

D-Link’s DSM-5210R Wireless HD streamer – Engadget

From Engadget:

D-Link is touting the new DSM-5210R as the first wireless high-def streaming media player with 100GB of storage…

I think the ‘first’ they’re claiming is that the device is a Media server, as well as a player. The LinkPlayer is not a server. Personally, I like more flexibility in my server. My feeling is that with no recording capabilities, it will be relatively useless as a server, and with only 100G it will not be able to act as a storage device for all media. It will either be used only as a wireless HD player (which LinkPlayer among others already do) or it will get stuck in the middle and die a horrible death.

Link: Engadget
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