Disney offers next-day iTunes downloads of TV shows

Disney offers next-day iTunes downloads of TV shows: “Opening the door to a new revenue stream for television content, the Walt Disney Co. said on Wednesday it will begin offering next-day digital downloads of its biggest ABC prime time hits for $1.99 per episode.”

$1.99 per episode?!?!? Bwahahahaha! Just how much do they think this crap is worth? That’s as ridiculous as $.99 per song for music. My price point? $.05/song $0.15/hour of TV. And it damn well better be High-Def!

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  1. I agree that .99 is too much for a song. Over the years I think I’ve bought 3 or 4 songs at that price. It’s too high. But .05? $0.50/album? ugh. where does that leave the artist? I would w/o hesitation pay $0.25/song for a legal non-DRM 320k MP3.


  2. Thanks for the comments.

    My rationale behind the $0.05 is that is my price point for buying a song every single time I want a song. Sometimes I need to buy a song just to listen to for a band rehearsal, sometimes it’s a favorite that I’ll listen to over and over again. I think when you lower the price point significantly, you create a new market for your music that didn’t exist before (one-time use market). Since electronic downloads are infinite goods, then I believe, ultimately, it would only benefit the artist.

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