Rent My DVR

This site just came on line recently. It’s a completely fascinating concept, and I’m wondering just how legal it is.

Rent My DVR: “Now you don’t have to remember to program your DVR or VHS to record you favorite TV show. With the Rent My DVR site you can simple hire someone that will do the recording for you.

Simply file a request on our site to have someone record for you and as soon as a new episode of your favorite show has been broadcasted, it is downloaded automatically to your computer and you can watch it whenever you want.”

Their FAQ addresses the issue of legality by saying:

Q. What does the TV networks have to say?

A. According to fox networks it is OK to ask a friend or co-worker to tape video shows for you. We at are all friends.

They will not store old episodes of shows and re-distribute them, instead they state that you can only ask somebody to record a future showing. The lawyers are going to have fun with this one.