FC 3 install on SATA drive – finally

I’ve finally gotten Fedora Core 3 installed on my SATA drive. You may remember that I had some problems getting Fedora Core 3 installers to see my sata drive (bug in sata_nv). My solution was a bit complex, but it ultimately worked:

  1. dropped a small (40Gig) IDE drive in
  2. installed FC3 onto it
  3. updated (as per Jarod’s Guide) to 2.6.10 which can recognize sata drives
  4. partitioned my SATA drive to look like my IDE drive
  5. copied entire drive contents from IDE -> SATA
  6. edited fstab and grub
  7. rebooted
  8. reordered drives in bios (sata first now)
  9. fought my way through some filesystem integrity problems (not too bad…, just let fsck do it’s thing)
  10. … and that’s it!

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  1. John, which SN95G5 revision (V1, V2 or V3) are you using? There is big change in V3 with nForce3 250GB, which seems to be source of annoying SATA problems (Typical symptom is “ata1 is slow to respond, please be patient” kernel message).

    I’m considering buying SN95G5V2 (nForce3 + Marvel NIC) or V3 (nForce3 250GB + nVidia gigabit NIC) to run Linux on it, I just need to be sure which revision is actually playing nice with Linux. Please reply to vitko at post dot cz.

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