FC 3 install on SATA drive – finally

I’ve finally gotten Fedora Core 3 installed on my SATA drive. You may remember that I had some problems getting Fedora Core 3 installers to see my sata drive (bug in sata_nv). My solution was a bit complex, but it ultimately worked:

  1. dropped a small (40Gig) IDE drive in
  2. installed FC3 onto it
  3. updated (as per Jarod’s Guide) to 2.6.10 which can recognize sata drives
  4. partitioned my SATA drive to look like my IDE drive
  5. copied entire drive contents from IDE -> SATA
  6. edited fstab and grub
  7. rebooted
  8. reordered drives in bios (sata first now)
  9. fought my way through some filesystem integrity problems (not too bad…, just let fsck do it’s thing)
  10. … and that’s it!

Dvorak on MythTV

John C. Dvorak has written a small bit on MythTV for pcmag.com. There’s nothing earth shattering or revealing in his writings, but simply having Dvorak write about MythTV is yet another step bringing the ‘future’ technology to the masses.

Opinion Column by PC Magazine: The Secret TV Revolution: “Everyone I know who has ever seen or played with MythTV wants it, but it’s a do-it-yourself project and not for the timid. Eventually that will change as packagers appear and bundle prebuilt systems together.

There are other implications of all this. In a changing universe, technologists will refuse to be hemmed in by artificial roadblocks created for the purpose of maintaining the status quo. Microsoft and Hollywood and whoever else can create all the DRM schemes they want; they can sue college kids for trading songs, block trading networks, shut down BitTorrent systems—but it won’t do them any good. The forces of ‘We want it our way’ will overpower them again and again, because that’s the way technology works.

And this will all be shared. In a networked, computer-based world, the sense of community breeds a socialistic desire to share, not covet. This mentality is at the root of all the open-source activity and cannot be ignored or denied. I want my MythTV.”

From: PC Magazine

Fedora Core 3… Where for art thou?

I’ve got some new hardware for an updated front end, and I’m dying to get it up and running on the new version of MythTV (0.17) and Fedora Core 3. It’s a Shuttle SN95G5 with 1Gig of Ram, two 300Gig SATA drives and one 250Gig external (total .85 TBytes). nVidia GeForce 6600GT Vid card, pcHDTV HD-3000 High Definition capture card, Dual Layer DVD Writer and AMD 64 3200+ CPU.

Only one problem. Fedora Core 3 won’t install on SATA drives attached to nForce motherboards….

The workaround is anything but elegant, and if I am able to make any progress at all, I’ll keep y’all up to date.